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NeoStringUtils  v1.0  
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Hi All:

NeoStringUtils Plugin is available

you can download it at:


AE_StrReplace "MainString|MatchString|NewString|ANY Clause|Return variable"


MainString is your Text variable.
MatchString is your Match data
NewString is the replacement data
ANY Clause: If you use the ANY option, within MainString, each occurrence of each character in MatchString will be replaced with the corresponding character in NewString. In this case, MatchString and NewString must be the same length, because there is a one-to-one correspondence between their characters.
Return Variable: Without brackets

AE_StrRepeat "text or character|number of times|Return variable"
Text or Character: Like "<*>" or [#126]
Number of times: Like 14
Return Variable: Without brackets

Plugin is free for private use.
Enjoy it !

David de Argentina

Version:  1.0
Updated On:  5 Feb 2015
Downloads:  1216
File Size:  0 Bytes
Publisher:  Aplicaciones Especiales
Home Page:  Special Apps
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  Freeware
Limitations:  None
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Submitted By:  David_de_Argentina

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