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Uft-8 Internet For NeoBook  v1  
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The Unicode (& UTF-8) language code makes many foreign language characters readable to modern browsers. 

Because Neobook does not support Unicode, the "Uft-8 Internet For NeoBook" program was created to help authors download foreign language character codes in real time (or "on-the-fly") for their Neobook publications and elsewhere. 

Uft-8 Internet For NeoBook uses a JavaScript snippet of code to search for online text (metadata) in a web page and then correctly displays it in Neobook. With no prior hint or indication of what language it will be in, a foreign text string is downloaded from the Internet (usually a page Title) in real-time and is automatically viewed in Neobook. 

THIS METHOD EXPANDS NEOBOOK'S INTERNET CAPABILITY TO READ AROUND 90% OF THE WORLD'S WEB PAGES (which use Unicode characters). Grab a metadata foreign character string from the Internet - a web page title for example - and correctly display it in your Neobook pub.

  • A program for/with Neobook that helps with real-time foreign text (Unicode) Internet displays in Neobook publications.
  • This method also allows you to save foreign language character strings in plain INI files, rather than in your critical Windows Registry.
  • This method bypasses the usual heavy coding and decoding of UTF-8 characters because it converts foreign text to simple numbers instead of tricky Ascii escape codes, which may sometimes conflict with delimiter-separated values, database fields, and program execution.

Version:  1
Updated On:  28 Mar 2017
Downloads:  118
File Size:  859 KB
Publisher:  F. Kapnistos
Home Page: 
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  None
Limitations:  None
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Submitted By:  fkapnist

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