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npStrs  v1.1    
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This plugin is an implementation of one of the most used classes in the Delphi world: TStringList. This class is useful in various ways and, basically, maintain string lists on memory that you can manipulate using the appropiate actions.

You can maintain strings list allowing duplicated or not, search for strings, add, append, insert, delete; use pairs of names and values, get or set the whole text delimited or not, saved and load strings to/from files, get advised when the strings changes...

You can sort the string lists, and maintain sorted in memory (even when add new items), can specify the delimiter and quote character, for example, in order to import/export information from CSV (Comma Separated Values) or similar files and many more.

Like all my other NeoPlugins is presented with an installation assistant that can install/uninstall the plugin easly on NeoBook 5. Also the plugin have both design time and run time versions, an updater program, various samples, an integrated help file and complete and useful properties forms for all needed actions.

Version:  1.1
Updated On:  21 May 2014
Downloads:  434
File Size:  900 Bytes
Publisher:  David Esperalta
Home Page:  NeoPlugins
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 5
License:  Shareware
Limitations:  Limited Trial
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  dec

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