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hpwControl  v1.42    
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This plugin provides control, stringlist and regular expression commands for neobook

The plugin provides the following commands:

Group: Conditional

hpwCase, hpwAnd, hpwOr

Group: Strings

hpwStrJoin, hpwStrPadLeft, hpwStrPadRight, hpwStrRepeat, hpwStrSearch, hpwStrRevSearch, hpwStrNthSearch, hpwFormat 

Group: String-List

hpwLine, hpwLineCount, hpwLineAdd, hpwLineDelete, hpwLineInsert, hpwLineClear, hpwLineReplace, hpwLineNumber, hpwLineSort, hpwListEqual, hpwListParse, hpwListJoin, hpwListReOrder, hpwAssoc, hpwLineProcess

Group: Variables

hpwGetPageInfo, hpwGetSubroutineList

Group: String-Types

hpwIsNumeric, hpwIsHex, hpwIsAlpha, hpwIsAlphaNumeric, hpwIsInteger, hpwIsFloat, hpwIsDate, hpwIsTime, hpwIsMailURL, hpwIsIP, hpwIsType, hpwIsColor

Group: Enviroment



Group: RegExp

hpwExecRegExpBool, hpwExecRegExpList, hpwExecRegExpPos, hpwSplitRegExp, hpwReplaceRegExp, hpwSubstituteRegExp

Version:  1.42
Updated On:  6 Apr 2013
Downloads:  1650
File Size:  406 KB
Publisher:  H.P.Wickern
Home Page:  HPW's Freeware-Plugins for neobook
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  Freeware
Limitations:  None
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  HPW

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