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Plug-Ins » System utilities » hpwAutoIt

hpwAutoIt  v1.04    
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This plugin provides a wrapper to the AutoItDll-utility (2.X/1.11)

The plugin provides the following commands:

Group: General

hpwAutoItShutDown, hpwAutoItSleep

Group: Keyboard & Mouse

hpwAutoItBlockInput, hpwAutoItLeftClick, hpwAutoItLeftClickDrag, hpwAutoItMouseMove, hpwAutoItMouseGetPosX, hpwAutoItMouseGetPosY, hpwAutoItRightClick, hpwAutoItRightClickDrag, hpwAutoItSend, hpwAutoItSetCapslockState, hpwAutoItSetKeyDelay, hpwAutoItSetStoreCapslockMode

Group: Window Manipulation

hpwAutoItDetectHiddenText, hpwAutoItIfWinActive, hpwAutoItIfWinExist, hpwAutoItSetTitleMatchMode, hpwAutoItSetWinDelay, hpwAutoItWinActivate, hpwAutoItWinClose, hpwAutoItWinGetActiveTitle, hpwAutoItWinHide, hpwAutoItWinKill, hpwAutoItWinMaximize, hpwAutoItWinMinimize, hpwAutoItWinMinimizeAll, hpwAutoItWinMinimizeAllUndo, hpwAutoItWinMove, hpwAutoItWinRestore, hpwAutoItWinSetTitle, hpwAutoItWinShow, hpwAutoItWinWait, hpwAutoItWinWaitActive, hpwAutoItWinWaitNotActive, hpwAutoItWinWaitClose

Group: File Input/Output

hpwAutoItIniDelete, hpwAutoItIniRead, hpwAutoItIniWrite

Group: Clipboard Manipulation

hpwAutoItClipGet, hpwAutoItClipPut

Version:  1.04
Updated On:  20 Jan 2007
Downloads:  1625
File Size:  315 KB
Publisher:  H.P.Wickern
Home Page:  HPW's Freeware-Plugins for neobook
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  Freeware
Limitations:  None
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  HPW

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