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NeoBookDX  v1.1c    
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This exciting plug-in adds the advanced multimedia capabilities of Microsoft's DirectX technology to NeoBook 4/5. NeoBookDX uses the same drivers and codecs as the latest versions of Windows Media Player and supports all major multimedia formats. Play multiple sound, music and video clips at the same time. Independently control volume, balance and rate for each playing media file. Detect when a clip has finished playing. Set markers to execute actions at specific times during playback. Read MP3 tags. Drop in replacement actions for NeoBook's built-in PlaySoundFile and PlayVideoFile makes converting existing pubs easy. And more. Includes detailed help, tutorial and example publications. Free to try, $29.95 if you decide to use it.

Version:  1.1c
Updated On:  20 Jun 2012
Downloads:  2974
File Size:  927 KB
Publisher:  NeoSoft Corp.
Home Page:  NeoBook Plug-Ins Home
Price:  $29.95
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  Shareware
Limitations:  Nag Screen
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  NeoSoft Support

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