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NeoBook Plug-Ins & Utilities
Browse a collection of official and third party plug-ins. Rate your favorite plug-ins and read reviews written by other NeoBook users. Wondering what a plug-in is? Click here for more information.
NeoBook Gallery
One of NeoBook's most compelling features is its ability to compile finished projects into completely self-contained Windows applications (exe files), containing everything needed for viewing on any Windows PC. The NeoBook-created applications listed here demonstrate some of what can be done with NeoBook. Many include source code.
NeoBook Support Forum
Visit NeoBook's On-Line Support Forum. Search for answers to common questions, exchange information with other NeoBook users, and more...
NeoBook Home Page
New to NeoBook? Visit NeoBook's Home Page to learn more about this exciting program and download a copy of your own.

Plug-In Developer's Kit
Are you a software developer interested in developing plug-ins for NeoBook? If so, click here to download our developer's kit (246KB). The SDK includes a detailed chm help file and examples written in Delphi, C++ and PowerBasic.

New Plug-Ins
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